Sandicor Access MLS

Bridge MLS Participant/Subscribers have access to Sandicor.  Sandicor covers more than 20 counties in Southern California, including San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Imperial counties.

How do I access Sandicor?

To access Sandicor, login to Paragon and click the Sandicor MLS link under the Resources drop-down menu. Please note that you will only have read-only access, meaning you will be able to do Searches only.

How do I email listings?

Please DO NOT use this system to email listings out. This is a system shared by ALL members. An alternative would be to convert the desired listings to a PDF and saving it, so that you may email it from your personal email account.

How do I add contacts?

Please DO NOT add contacts on this system because ALL members will be able to view your contacts. Remember, this is a system shared by ALL members.

How do I change settings/user preferences?

Please DO NOT use the Preferences tab to change the settings. Remember, this is a system shared by ALL members.

How do I set up auto email notifications?

This is a search only system. Auto email notifications are not available.

Contact Bridge MLS Technical Support at 925-363-2333 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday with any questions about this product.